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My web host was hacked a couple of MONTHS ago and they are just NOW getting me back online and functional.  I've had NO control over my OWN website for all this time.  I am in the process of getting things figured out.  Please know I am NOT avoiding anyone; I've had no mail access either.  I am so sorry for any troubles or problems this may have caused you.  Please know I am working to get things back in order.  I AM attending to ALL matters.... THANK YOU.



Getting started and surviving in the trucking world is not easy... and this industry is not well known for hand-holding its newest members. 


Driver's ABC'sAre you just finding this site and are looking for info into this career possibility?  I suggest you start with the "Job Description"" and then try "Truckin' 101." 


Then move on to Getting Started  and then work your way through the Articles section.  For an inside view of life on the road, read through "A Driver's Journal."


Most articles on this site are from "Driver's ABC's, Surviving the First Year Guidebook."   This book was written by a driver for future drivers and contains real-world advice, tips and information.  See "Driver's ABC's" for more information, ordering, book reviews, etc.


The new Hours of Service Workbook is just the thing if you are trying to figure out the new Hours of Service that went into effect Jan 4, 2004. 


For Experienced Drivers...

---On The Dock (Shipper/Receiver Database) 

---Driver/Trainer Tips   

---How can you tell that a driver is a *new* driver?


Look, Ma, No Ads! is AD - FREE.  I hope you will enjoy pop-up, pop-under free surfing.  (Please note: The only ads on this site are in the areas where the services of another host are used.)


The Goal of This Site... Mission Statement 

I have no desire to "kill" anyone's dream of driving a truck... for some people, trucking is a good answer.  For some people, it is the right thing to do for a certain period of their life.  The goal of this site is to inform you as as thoroughly as possible just exactly what you might be getting into so you can decide for yourself if it is worth it.   Proceeds from all sales go directly towards continuation, maintenance & expansion.  Thank you for your support.


Thank you,!   The following passage was found on their site in an article entitled "Driving is Hazardous to Your Health":  "According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, car drivers cause most truck-car accidents. Trucks take longer to stop or turn. You must keep a wider separation, Sarkar says. Realize the importance of trucks on the road, James says. Trucks bring food. Trucks bring conveniences to us. We need to think about that and be grateful."


Did you Know..?   After midnight, one of every ten drivers on the road is drunk.

OOIDA is not only for Owner Operators... OOIDA is for all drivers.  If you care about your rights as a driver, join today!  Please Note: receives nothing to promote OOIDA.  Promotion of OOIDA is purely by choice of this website.

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Treat other motorists as if their car carries your family... Isn't that the way you would want other motorists to think?

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